If your child is currently attending another school and you would like to apply for an in-year transfer, you will need to contact the local authority and complete an application form. When your child is given a space, we will make contact with you to arrange an appointment with our admissions team. Admissions appointments run every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.


If a child has a statement, they do not go through a normal admission process. The school receives consultation and the case will then go to the SEN admissions team.
If the child has additional needs but does not have a statement and comes through as a normal admission, then the school will work with the parent as well as the previous school to ensure that an appropriate provision is secured. In these cases, the SENCo may also meet with the family.  

if deemed appropriate, then the SENCo & / or relevant member(s) of the pastoral team will make visits to the school the child is leaving in order to help with transition. In addition to liaising with the SENCo at the previous school regarding any particular needs, which will then be passed on to the new teacher and year group team. Paperwork is also shared when received & parents are told they can meet with the SENCo, if they want to, prior to their child starting school.  The SENCo will also liaise with any outside agencies that may have been involved e.g. the Educational Psychologist or School Nurse, if it is relevant. 


 ​​If your child was born between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015 you must have  applied for their reception school place by 15 January 2019. visit www.thurrock.gov.uk/admissions and use the online portal to apply.