Every second and fifth Thursday of term, Mr Fish holds a coffee session here at Thameside. Families of the Thameside community are invited to meet, providing stakeholders with the opportunity to share and discuss any ideas, suggestions or concerns they may have.

Equally, the coffee sessions provide an opportunity for the school to share or consult families on any significant news or developments happening within the school.

Attendees are often given the opportunity to tour the school with Mr Fish, to give a sense of how the school functions during the day and to provide feedback with any suggestions and ideas they may have on how the school could improve on certain matters, such as tidiness. ​

Coffee sessions alternate between morning & afternoon times, which we hope allows more parents/carers to attend. In case you are unable to, we will the ensure that this page is updated with a synopsis of the last meeting as well as the date and discussion topics for the upcoming meeting. 

If you have any questions about the coffee mornings, please do not hesitate to contact us. Everyone is welcome. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting! 

Our Last Meeting...


  • Request to improve the area outside Class 4R,3S,3T and 3H - look at path width and mud
  • Request to remove bike racks outside 4T & 4W
  • Concern raised at Y4 Curriculum item on Drugs. JF to review.
  • Question raised re Active Learn - is it still being used?
  • 02 Young Voices event - request to clarify expectation for children the following day.
  • Nursery Playground/path - to look to improve puddles across the path.



Coffee Morning/Afternoon at Thameside Primary 

. Next Coffee Morning is on Thursday 29th March at 9am