Here's our popular little song/chant to help remember your Latin verb conjugations for Amo, Amas, Amat (I love, you love, he, she, it loves). 
Oh, and sorry if you can't get that little jingle out of your head, now. :)

Meet Minimus - the mouse who made Latin cool!

Amo, Amas, Amat


The journey of excitement, discovery and connection that can be started when someone learns Latin is one that should be available to every pupil, wherever they live and whatever background they come from. As Latin is the root of English and many other languages, it is a valuable key to understanding and learning these, and it is a fun and fascinating subject for all children.

​Minimus is a unique Latin course for younger children. It's based on a real family who lived at Vindolanda in 100AD: Flavius, the fort commander, his wife Lepidina, their three children, assorted household slaves, their cat Vibrissa - and Minimus the mouse!

salvete - exspectatissimi estis! (hello - you are very welcome)