We ask that teachers identify pupils who go ‘above and beyond’ in their efforts whether as learners or members of the school community. These children receive a praise card and an email of praise sent home. They then become eligible for ‘Hot Chocolate Friday’. This is a session on a Friday afternoon when they spend time with a senior member of staff having hot chocolate and playing games.  

Teachers also identify pupils who have worked hard to improve their learning and behaviour and those children are celebrated in praise assemblies on a Friday. Their names are written on a star and added to a display.

The vast majority of children at Thameside primary behave well, however, there are occasions when children struggle to make the right choices.  Consistency is the key.  

In order to ensure that everyone is able to be consistent, we simplified the school rules down to three words:  

These three expectations are simple, clear, coherent and can be applied to all situations. They are easy for everyone to remember and make it easy for adults and children to recognise what constitutes good behaviour and what is needed when behaviour needs improvement. 

our reward system

We are proud to support our Young Carers here at Thameside. Visit to find out more, or download the leaflet here.

We take the following measures to positively reinforce good attendance amongst our pupils:

Each Friday, the class with the highest attendance in their phase (KS1, Lower KS2 & Upper KS2) spins the 'Wheel of Fortune' to win a reward for the whole class.


To ensure the rare occurance of poor choices or negative behaviours, Thameside Primary will use good routines to avoid and minimise poor behaviour through:

  • Consistent and high expectations from all adults are modelled. For example -  presentation of self (appropriate to staff dress code and school uniform expectations), as well as in work books and folders (modelled through handwriting presentation on boards and displays), tone of voice used (no shouting) and conduct when moving around the school.
  • Class routines for transitions are clear and consistent. For example, hanging up coats and bags, changing from one lesson to another ad lining up before sport sessions or start of lessons.
  • School rules are displayed in all classrooms and are regularly referenced.
  • Classroom environments and teaching and learning resources are of good quality, fit for purpose and are well organised. 
  • Instructions are clear from all  adults to pupils and adults listen carefully to what pupils have to say.
  • Strategies, such as early morning activities, are used to maximise engagement and minimise poor behaviour/choices.
  • Pupils are encouraged to work as part of a team within the class as well as the wider school and community. 

negative/poor choices

our rules

The pastoral team consists of a Learning Mentor, Attendance Officer, Behaviour Improvement Co-ordinator, School Social Worker, Family Support Worker, EAL Family Support Worker. 

The team work in collaboration with outside agencies, staff and parents alike in order to ensure our pupils are supported consistently throughout their time at Thameside. 

We do not just focus on the pupils' education, but on each person as a whole.

At Thameside, we celebrate and focus on positive behaviours and emphasise consequences, not punishment. By doing this we hope that children develop self discipline by taking responsibility for their own actions. 

Consequences are fair, certain, consistent, known in advance and are logical and related to the unacceptable action.

Based on our Co-operative values of Self Help, Self Responsibility and Democracy, our learner entitlements are for:

  • Children to come to school ad feel happy, safe and secure in a calm and positive environment.
  • Children to be respected and show respect to others and for their envionrment.
  • To enable all learners to fully achieve and develop through an effective learning environment.
  • Children to be challenged to improve their learning through effective planning and assessment.
  • Children to be encouraged to have a sense of independence and allowing children to have a say in decisions. 

Pastoral care at Thameside Primary School is central to our pupils' development. We believe that providing a framework of care and support for our pupils will assist them in their academic and social development throughout their school life.

We take great pride in the quality of our pastoral care and Ofsted have said,
"The overwhelming majority of students say that they feel well cared for, supported and safe in school and that their parents and carers have strongly endorsed this view".


Our pastoral system 

behaviour, attendance, care and support.