• Mackenzie Doig 
  • Sophie Hatcher 
  • Maria Sarpong 
  • Lahang Tumbahangphe 
  • Alexandra Nedorea 
  • Inaya Ali   
  • Christabel Aikhionbare 
  • Sophia Ciuhureanu  
  • Gabriella Szajna 
  • Faith Jackson  
  • Stephen Miller
  • Archie Brickwood
  • Sunny McGinnis


  • Zuzanna Kurowska 
  • Arina Matesovica 
  • Lilly Humphry’s 
  • Clayton Mcauliffe 
  • Elsa Koomson 
  • Iustin Cernea


  • Sumaiya Chowdhury
  • Ruxandra Oniga
  • Jakub Kuchta

Double Red

  • Yasamin Nabizadeh
    James Davies-Sheldon

  • Christian Hayers

Double Blue

  • Grace Lewis 
  • Daniel Roach

Double Green

  • Dennis Dumitru 


  • Rose Cosentino  
  • Jessica Nanna   


  • Alfie Gasson 
  • Reece Bland

This weeks Achievements

Reading Miles

The Reading Miles Challenge was introduced to support the development of reading skills.

All children start on the 'Red' award once they are choosing books from YELLOW banded books, On the red award, a child is given a passport to hold travel vouchers in. Every time he/she completed a reading book they will be awarded a 'Travel Voucher' worth 100 reading miles.

Children will be presented with a certificate, along with a metal lapel pin, when they have reached their destination at each stage of the challenge.