"I am in year 6. I am 10 years old and I like playing outside such as tag, exploring and playing in the park with my dog. In addition to this, I like to: sing, play basketball and play video games. I am one of the year 6 councillors because I am kind, playful, helpful and I have a positive attitude. I like being a school councillor because I get to go to meetings, I get to fill out our class forum and I am trusted with big responsibilities. In the future, as a school councillor, I wish to make Thameside a better place for learning."

"I’m 11 years old. I’m proud to be a school councillor and think I have been chosen as a school councillor because I am kind, thoughtful, honest, smart and responsible. I enjoy playing netball and I am even in the school’s netball team. I also like baking and doing crochet." 

Year 6

"I’m in class 5R. My hobbies are singing, dancing and netball. I also like dodge ball and basketball. I want to be a school councillor because I can bring ideas forward on how to improve the school."  

"I am 10 years old. I am a school councillor. I am caring, friendly and sporty. My hobbies include playing basketball, creating games and making cards. I like being a school councillor because I get to help people. I get to go to meetings and listen to other people’s opinions. I think it is important that everybody gets to speak out and have a say. I am very proud to be a school councillor and I hope I can help lots of people in the future."   

Year 5

"Hello! I’m 9 years old. I’m very good at swimming, dance, athletics and gymnastics. I have some experience of being a school councillor. I am always ready to help. I’ve been here for 5 years." 

"I am 9. I like being a school councillor because you go to meetings and learn. I am very kind, you can find me in 4T. My hobbies are learning science, football and geography. I have been a school councillor for nearly 3 years. My best subject is maths. I have helped a lot of people so if you need help come to me! I am always ready to help."  

Year 4

"I’m proud to be part of the school council. I like playing football and netball I also like playing basketball. I am 8 years old. In learning I like doing handwriting and science I also like doing Literacy. You can talk to me if you’re worried."  

"I am proud to be a school councillor because I am fair, helpful and polite. I am in year 3 and I love cooking, I can cook almost anything! I love arts and crafts, I use adult things to cook like hot boiling water and tea bags. I am smart, clever and serious. I have been here since Nursery. I would like to help more in the lunch hall. I am 7 and I am 8 in May. I am surprised how old the school is. My hobbies are swimming, basketball and ballet."

Year 3

"My name is Clayton and I’m 7 years old. I like playing football. Also I have two brothers Jack and Kevin. I play with Jack indoors and outdoors. I share a PS4 with Jack and we play Lego Avengers. I like being a school councillor because I get to help everyone." 

​"I enjoy painting characters and doing lots of sports like ballet, gymnastics, tennis and swimming. I like being a school councillor because we do important things and I also like being a school councillor because we get to represent the school."                                  

Year 2

Year 1

"I am 6. I like helping people if they are hurt and I like making things because when I was 4 I made lots of cool things. I like being the school councillor because I can help charities have more money. I like going to Thameside because the teachers are nice if you need help just call me and I will be there all the time."                                      

"I like doing dancing and I like swimming. I like being a school councillor because I like helping my class and the whole school. I like science because it is fun."


Who are we?

Our school council

 What do we do?

At the start of each year, classes in KS1 and KS2 take a vote on who they would like to be their two class representatives. In each year group, two of these representatives are elected to be year group School Council members.

These elected class representatives have the job of running regular class forums throughout the year. At class forums, pupils address a range of questions about school issues, some generated by staff and some arising from AOB at council meetings.
Minutes of these pupil forums form the agenda for School Council meetings and are discussed and actions decided. The aim is for School Councillors to then feedback through assemblies to report on any actions taken.

School Councillors particularly enjoy the AOB section of our meetings which are always lively and give them a chance to raise issues their class mates have reported to them.