Ros Wilson is the creator of the ‘Big Writing’ concept.  She developed a way of teaching writing to children which through weekly writing sessions (known as ‘Big Writing’), children will develop their skills in these areas, as well as learning about and revising several different writing genres, therefore improving their overall writing more about our approaches
to writing from Early Years through KS1 up to KS2Type your paragraph here.


HAVE A LOOK AT SOME WRITING PIECES THAT WERE PRODUCED AS A RESULT OF OUR WRITING WEEKs which take place every half term. our themes have been

man on the moon, inspired by the john lewis christmas advert
report writing


At Thameside Primary, we follow the Nelson Handwriting scheme, which encourages a cursive style of writing. 

​Teaching handwriting is a priority because we believe children need to be able to 'write without thinking about how to write', enabling them to concentrate on what to write.

Click on the link below to learn more about the Nelson scheme of handwriting. 

The Write Stuff

 At Thameside Primary School, we aim for our pupils to write with confidence, fluency, imagination and accuracy.

To enable this, we approach the teaching and learning of writing through a variety of methods and with strategies that are age appropriate. We recognise that the development of children’s writing skills goes hand in hand with the development of language and listening skills, and that 'If a child can't say it, they can't write it’.