Uniform Information

At Thameside Primary School we believe that the wearing of school uniform is important as it helps to promote equality and reinforces the sense of belonging to our school learning community.

It is important in a school of over 800 children all wearing the same uniform that all items of clothing are clearly named so that the lost items can be quickly reunited with their owners.

Our current school uniform consists of:

  • Red sweatshirt/cardigan/fleece with school logo.

  • White polo shirt.

  • Grey/Black skirt or pinafore.

  • Grey/Black trousers.

  • Grey/Black shorts (Summer only).

  • Red/White check dresses in summer.

  • Black shoes/trainers. No coloured trainers or those with logos on. Please ensure your child can tie their shoelaces or consider velcro fastening.

  • PE bag and book bag.

  • Long hair should be tied back for hygiene and safety reasons.

  • No extreme hair styles, shaved patterns, coloured hair etc.

  • No large hair accessories e.g. large fashion bows etc. A small bow may be worn on the back of the head.

  • Jewellery (other than watches and 'stud' earrings) is not allowed for safety reasons.

  • Make-up is not permitted in school, including nail varnish.

PE Kit:

For hygiene and safety reasons, children must change into suitable PE clothing. Therefore please ensure that your child has the correct kit available for all lessons.

Summer Kit:

  • Plain Black shorts.

  • White round neck t-shirt.

  • Trainers for outside PE. 

Winter Kit:

  • Dark Blue/Black jogging bottoms.

  • Dark Blue/Black jumper.

  • Plain Black shorts.

  • White round neck t-shirt.

Our uniform is available from:

Uniforms by Niki

Sue's Schoolwear