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Thameside Primary School is an inclusive school which serves the community in and around the Grays area.

Our aims are that all children will:


•Be resilient, successful and committed life-long learners (Self-help & Self-responsibility)

•Be responsible and independent people who have an understanding and respect for the values, views and feelings of others. (Equity, Equality & Democracy)

•Experience a high quality, wide, varied and exciting curriculum and have access to enrichment opportunities (Equality & Equity)

•Be confident with basic skills and achieve their full potential

•Be aware of and take responsibility for their own personal safety and welfare (Self-help &  Self-responsibility)

•Experience a positive working relationship between the community, school and parents/carers (Solidarity)



Our aims are that all staff will:


•Receive innovative, developmental and effective training

•Be supported, cared for, challenged and valued (Equality, Equity & Democracy)

•Have consistently high academic standards and expectations for every individual (Equality & Equity)

•Feel trusted and empowered to take risks in the classroom (Self-help & Self-responsibility)

•Have opportunities to develop and fulfil their potential in leading the school and their own professional development (Self-help & Self-responsibility)

•Participate in, contribute to and benefit from partnerships beyond the school (Solidarity)

•Enjoy their work and find it fulfilling

Our aims are that the parents and carers will:

•Receive regular quality information, advice and guidance in order to fulfil their roles as key partners in their child’s learning (Solidarity)

•Demonstrate commitment to supporting their child and the school (Solidarity)

•Have opportunities and be encouraged to provide feedback and contribute to the creation and maintenance of an exceptional school

Aims & Values

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The Co-operative values

As a partner to the Osborne Co-operative Academy Trust we are committed to the Co-operative values. We are all members of the Schools' co-operative Society and work in partnership to support other Co-operative Schools. Our core co-operative values are:

Self Help

In a Co-operative people help each other whilst helping themselves by working together for mutual benefit.

Self Responsibility

Individuals within co-operatives act responsibly and play a full part in the organisation.


A Co-operative will be structured so that members have control over the organisation - one member, one vote.


Each member will have equal rights and benefits (according to their contribution).


Members will be treated justly and fairly.


Members will support each other, their communities and other co-operatives.

British Values

The promotion of British values is firmly embedded in the work that we do, and according to Ofsted, 'fundamental British values' are:

  • Democracy;

  • The rule of law;

  • Individual liberty;

  • Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

These values link very well to our co-operative values, illustrated in the following table:

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